Mexico City artist Ana Tuirán encompasses a full spectrum of emotions in her songs. From homesickness to heart-acke, filled with catchy indie-pop melodies, she brings Mexico into her lyrics by mixing community and culture. Fresh from her Mexico tour with international band Gio&Lu, Tuirán performed a live in- studio performance at the Hideaway Studios in NE Minneapolis - where she currently resides. The result is Ana Tuirán: Live At The Hideaway.

"....Her music, perfect for contemplation... MELÍ MELÓ MAGAZINE

"...It's an easy video to get caught up in. Tears are as likely as defiant heart swells"- CITY PAGES

"...It's a good sign when you leave a song on repeat for 15 minutes and don't even mind" - Andrea Swensson (The Current) 

"...What a beautiful, distinctive, emotionally evocative voice!" - ADAM LEVY

Watch Ana Tuirán Live at The Hideaway (Full Session)