"...Ana Tuirán shows love for her adopted stateside home with an absolute stunner of a performance at The Hideaway Studio. With the cadre of musicians all synching and ebbing together, it's an easy video to get caught up in. Tears are as likely as defiant heart swells". - City Pages


"...Hailing from Mexico City, Tuirán is an elegant songwriter, setting songs like "Cerca de ti" and "Actress" with Brazilian-inspired rhythms. She sings in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, even covering samba/funk legend Jorge Ben". - The Current (Show review)


"....Her music, perfect for contemplation..." Melí Meló Magazine


"15 albums I've spun multiple different songs from on The Local Show and which, if we were at a show together, I'd make you go over to the merch table and buy immediately: Live at The Hideaway by Ana Tuirán"  - The Current's Top 89 (Staff Picks by Andrea Swensson)


"Recently, Ana Tuirán visited NoFM studio. She is a charming woman, but what is most captivating about her is her music. Listen to "Girl in The Picture" and preferably all tracks of her live session EP and surrender your heart". - NoFM radio


"...Tuirán moved to the Twin Cities to attend McNally Smith College of Music — and developed her own style of sophisticated orchestral folk-pop in the process.." - The Current